Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Well, at Least It Was Dry

I set the alarm for 5:30, a half hour earlier than usual. I needed to be in the office by 8 for a seminar.  For some reason anytime I change the alarm I have trouble sleeping. I think I managed to get a solid 2 hours in last night - in 15 minute increments.  I staggered out of the house at 6:30 yawning all the way down the street on my mule. 

The ride was uneventful. My solitude on the Mount Vernon Trail was gone with the rain.  I noticed lots of Canada geese and mallards but have yet to see any goslings or ducklings. Baby birds are right behind spring peepers and lilacs as my favorite parts of spring. I love watching them develop morning after morning on my ride to work.

When I reached the intersection with the Slaters Lane off ramp on the trail I was passed by a young woman on a single speed orange bike. It had the colors of the French flag on the tip of the rear of the rear mudguard which was otherwise orange to match the bike.  The fender had the word "Public" printed on it. It looked like this:

It was a very cool bike and the rider was quite stylish in her smooth white helmet with brim.  It looked like this


 (As you can see I just discovered the Public Bikes website.)

The girl on the bike was going just about the same speed as I was so I couldn't pass her without putting on an obnoxious burst of speed.  Once we passed the two flyover bridges at National Airport I managed to see daylight and I passed her, saying "I love your bike" as I went passed.

About 20 minutes later I arrived at work and rushed into the fitness center locker room. It was a sauna in there.  I took a shower and could not get dry. Lovely.

I arrived at my office at 7:50 and checked my Outlook calendar to see what room the seminar was in.  Then I discovered that it is two weeks from today.  At least I wasn't late.

By the time 4:30 rolled around I was a zombie.  I could barely keep my eyes open.  Fortunately the weather was nice (if you don't mind humidity). I puttered along into a light headwind the whole way home. As I have been doing for several days, I stopped near the Morningside nest to see if I could spot a bald eagle.  Bingo.  A big eagle flew into the nest just as I looked up. The leaves on the tree around the nest obscured the bird but there was no mistaking its massive wings flapping as it landed on the nest.

After arriving home, my son fetched an extension ladder for me and I climbed it to clear out a gutter.  Having a 20-year old boy around the house sure is convenient. I struggle to carry and orient that ladder but he was whipping it around like it was made of styrofoam.  Usually when I mess with the ladder my back hurts for days. 

Since last Friday I have logged just under 220 miles.  If I am going to put in a five-bike-commute week, I need to get some shut eye.


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  1. Poor dear.

    I do that same thing with not sleeping well because I'm checking the alarm clock every 15 minutes to make sure I haven't overslept.

    Public Bikes are pretty darn cool and I've been obsessing over the C7 for a month or so. If District Hardware has one in stock, I'm going in for a test ride this weekend.