Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Busted Spring Once More

You'd think that spring time would be when the miles would start to accumulate.  Not so much for me. Last spring I had to deal with my wife's thunderclap headache followed by her getting run over by an SUV.  This year my mother's passing and my daughter's increasingly busy high school lacrosse schedule knocked me off the bike for the better part of two weeks. So my April numbers are pretty unimpressive - well, to me anyway. 

Total Miles: 395 1/2
Longest ride: 62 miles
States ridden in: 3 (Virginia, Maryland and New York. Sorry DC, you don't count.)
Commutes: 5
Sequoia Commutes/Miles: 1/29 1/2
Little Nellie Commutes/Miles: 1/65 1/2
Big Nellie Commutes/Miles: 3/300 1/2

Through the end of April I have 34 commutes and 1841 1/2 miles.  That's not too bad all things considered.

Truth be told, I am still having trouble motivating myself.  I am working on changing that. Last weekend I did a 62 mile ride. I hope to knock off a 70 miler this weekend. 

Although I cancelled my planned trip from Saratoga Springs NY to DC, I have scheduled three smallish rides for May: Bike to Work Day, BikeDC, and a ride to Meridian Hill  Park to say farewell to my friend Flor who is leaving DC.

Once I get my son moved out of his dorm and lacrosse season ends I should see an increase in my bike commuting too. As for now, I am off to bed so I can get up a little early and head to Swings Coffee in DC to meet up with some fellow bike commuters and some zombies.

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