Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bolllards R Us

I hate bollards on bike trails. They are dangerous as hell. The creative team working on the renovation of Jones Point Park has decided that one downhill into two bumpy transitions and a 90 degree turn in to  a sahded area with oddly protruding curbs was not challenging enough for trail users. So they decided to add three bollards at bottom of the hill.  They have big red lights on them, probably to blind you at night.

Big Nellie and the Three Bollards

I understand that the modifications have been made to keep evil doers from attacking the underside of the Woodrow Wilson bridge.  This is laudable. The bridge's underside has been unprotected for the better part of 40 years. With 40 years of planning, you'd think the folks in charge could think of a way to protect the bridge that is not hazardous to cyclists. This apparently is asking too much.

 I am not opposed to bollards in general.  In fact, if Alexandria wants to tear these out I know of a great place for them, the Jefferson Memorial. This national treasure has been surrounded by Jersey barriers lined up in a haphazard fashion since shortly after 9/11.  It is a disgrace that the federal government has left them there for so long. Most other memorials and important buildings in DC have long since had their environs re-designed for protection, but Thomas Jefferson remains protected by a concrete highway wall. Mr. Obama, tear down this wall!

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  1. Oh man...I can't believe they put those bollards there!! How odd and dangerous. I smell an accident and lawsuit....