Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January in the Bag

This mild winter has left me with pretty impressive numbers.  I logged 463 miles on my 3 trusty steeds. 59.5 miles on my New World Tourist (Little Nellie), 24 on my Tour Easy recumbent (Big Nellie), and 379.5 on my Specialized Sequoia. Only the 24 miles on the Tour Easy were indoors which is really unusual for me. Usually I ride away the snowy days in the basement.  We've had hardly any snow at all this year.

I did nine bicycle commutes for about 265 miles.  The first one was on Little Nellie, the rest on the Sequoia.

I rode 16 out of 31 days.  On the days I rode I averaged 28.9 miles.  Including off days I rode 14.9 miles.  Although it seems like I'm on track to do 5,500 miles for the year, I did 360 miles last January with 5 commutes and rode 6,900 miles for the year.

I did a little over 70 miles over the weekend and felt sore and tired all day Monday, and my knees and shoulders ached. I figured out why on Monday evening. The mechanic at the bike shop broke the bolt that holds my seat post on.  When he installed the new bolt, he didn't tighten it enough so the seat slid down a bit.  Just a couple of millimeters makes a big difference with me. I'm pretty sure that I will feel much better tomorrow when I ride to work. Of course, 60 degree temperatures won't hurt either.

Onward into February....


  1. Well done on your good start to the year....
    The weather was also mild here throughout January allowing me to put in some decent miles....
    I got close to my target last year and I don't intend missing it again this year.....


  2. Nice going! Does riding a recumbent work different muscles than a standard bike? I've always been curious.

    1. Rachel, I often call it a whole different sport, You don't really use your arms or upper back at all. And you use slightly different leg muscles. New recumbent riders need to get their bent legs. I've put 29,000 miles on my recumbent in the last 8 or 9 years so that gives you an idea how much I like it. Add one to your stable of bikes!