Sunday, January 15, 2012

I May Be Stupid, But I'm Dry

I see some pretty interesting things along the Mount Vernon Trail.  Today it was about 40 degrees out and a bit windy. I imagine it was colder in the Potomac River along the trail.  These two gentlemen were out doing their American Sportsman thing when they became mired in mud in the river.  They must not have been the sharpest knives in the drawer because just to the left of them outside this picture is about a quarter acre of mud.  Undaunted they guided their boat right into the quagmire.  There was just one thing to do. They got out and pushed. That's when I came across them. Up until then, I was feeling a little chilly and a bit foolish for riding my bike in this weather. Not anymore


  1. They were lucky to get out of there - - that mud can be like quicksand!

  2. Hi,
    I thought that I would just link into your blog as a follower...Look forward to reading more of your posts in the future...


  3. That's pretty idiotic for the Potomac at any time of year. A 10 foot zodiac, 5 decoys, and a trolling motor? REALLY? The typical hunting setup on the Potomac is about 5 dozen decoys and a 18-20' aluminum boat that will not get you drowned or blown about...

    Some real Darwin Award candidates!