Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Shortstice

After spending 2 days in a car driving 900 miles to retrieve Son-of-Rootchopper from college, I hopped back on Little Nellie for bike commute number 143 of 2011.  The weather was nearly warm this morning so I put away the holey sweater for the day.  Rain was showing on radar but it didn't seem to be reaching the ground.  With fresh legs and a tail wind even the switchback hill into Rosslyn didn't bother me much.

Start of the Rosslyn switchback. 
The evening commute was a little tough to dress for. It was raining and the temperature was in the low 60s.  This being the winter solstice, I had to put away the wind pants I wore this morning and ride home in shorts. The rain stopped about half way into the ride and the remaining 7 or 8 miles were a gift.  Maybe this is payback for that cold week back in October.  In any event, it was a superb way to end the fall. 


  1. I rode down that switchback for the first (and only) time last month and it was terrifying to navigate the steepness with all the other cyclists and pedestrians. That sucker must be tough to go up.

  2. There's a sectionabout 30 yards long that is particularly steep. It's a beast if you are in the wrong gear. And going down it grabs your bike and speeds you up just before a tight left hand turn onto the bridge. As you come up the swicthback you encounter all these folks going hell for leather down from the top. Not the safest design. It keeps me on my toes.