Saturday, December 1, 2012

November Numbers

As usual I did a bunch of riding in November. Most of my rides were commutes but I managed to squeeze in a few others for the hell of it.

My monthly mileage total was a respectable 603.5 miles. I rode to and from work 14 times. six times on Big Nellie, six on Little Nellie and 4 on The Mule. I did five other ride on Big Nellie, three other on Little Nellie and one other on The Mule. So that adds up to 23 rides for the month.

My longest ride was a 44 mile rumble on Big Nellie.

Big Nellie logged 222.5 miles, Little Nellie cam in at 244.5 and The Mule did 136.5.

I've ridden to work 146 times so far this year. At 30 miles per commute, that's 4,380 miles. At 25 miles per gallon I (theoretically) saved 175 gallons at a cost over around $600. 

For the year my biking miles stands at 6,779 miles.

I took today off. cuz I am sick and tired. Literally.  

I will probably take tomorrow and Monday off as well so I hope to be back on the bikes on Tuesday.

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