Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Enjoying it while it lasts

Well, it was warmish again this morning. I could have gotten away with shorts but, since it was raining a bit, I went with shorts under rain pants. On top I wore the same thing as yesterday except I swapped out the vest and arm warmers for my rain jacket. I was dressed for success.

Since Big Nellie isn't all that sure footed in the rain, The Mule got that call this morning. I took the same route as yesterday, picking up the Mount Vernon Trail at the stone bridge.  Cars trying to get onto the GW Parkway clogged up the little side street that connects the bridge to the MVT heading toward DC. I managed to ride around and through the steel parade without harm to man or Mule. As I accessed the MVT, I could hear, high in the trees, a strange bird calling. I am pretty sure it was a bald eagle but I couldn't spot it. 

Up to Old Town the trail was pretty empty. A few sprinkles keeps people indoors. A bald eagle was once again perched above the Belle Haven nest. I wonder if this one is not visiting from up north during the winter.

I had no problems with SUVs blocking the trail this morning. I had camera at the ready just in case. Maybe I should just hold a camera all the time while I ride and the obstructions to my travel will magically disappear.

Near National Airport I fell in behind a bike commuter and a rollerskier. I could have passed both but decided to check out the skier's technique. He was pretty good, cruising along at 13-14 miles per hour. At one point he buny hopped a seam bewteen the trail and a bridge. That was a little clumsy but he never lost his balance.  He pulled over at the Humpback Bridge. I wonder if they have a Vasaloppet tide for rollerskiers?

Nobody was hit at the Rosslyn Circle of Doom today. There's always tomorrow, I suppose.

After 9 hours of cogitating for the greater good, I headed home. A steady 10 mile per hour tailwind made the trip blissful. I couldn't feel the pedals. I just rolled along effortlessly in the dark. I nearly hit two ninjas but I didn't care. 

It will be cold in the morning.

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  1. Rollerskiing, that does sound like fun. Not sure about commuting that way, but who knows? It could be the new big thing.

    The cold always seems worse after a nice warm spell.

    See you at #fcc tomorrow? I think Hubz is making a rare appearance!