Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'm a coffeeneur and I'm okay...

Last winter I decided to try Gypsybug's Utilitiare ride challenge.  This involved using your bike for routine trips to the store, the movies, the barbershop etc. It did not end well. I rode my bike into the back of a parked car while fighting a nasty headwind.  I was awarded an Honorable Mention by Her Highness, Princess of Utility. The Utilitaire was a spin off of her Coffeeneuring Challenge.  A few days ago she rang the bell of Coffeeneuring II.

Basically, the idea is you ride your bike to coffee shops on the weekends.  You make a record of it and submit your reports to the Caffeine Queen (that would be Gypsybug).

Today, I did my first coffeeneuring ride.  I intended to ride 15 miles to Georgetown's Bread and Circus coffee shop but an approaching cold front had me feeling like a quiche eater by mile 7 so I ducked into Perks in Old Town and knocked down an Americano and a massive chocolate chip cookie. 

Perks is a bit of a zoo on Saturdays, but the coffee and cookie were tasty. So, mission accomplished. One down, six to go.

I rode another couple of miles up to the airport on the Mount Vernon Trail, then took the Anderson Trail over to Route 1 and made my way home through the streets of Old Town.

Americano and Cookie

Big Nellie at Perks on North Fairfax Street in Alexandria
So total miles to the shop was about 7. Total miles on the ride was 21.


  1. Love that the challenge has shown me a different corner of the world. Good luck for the rest of the cups :-)

    1. Georgie,
      Thanks for the comment. I just checked out your blog. It's brilliant. Just had to add it to my list.