Monday, September 3, 2012

A Hoppy Month

In terms of weather, August is one of the best months for riding a bike, if you don't mind the swampy air in DC.  Ironically, I usually have a mileage dip in August because of family obligations.  While it is true that I missed an entire week of riding on a college safari with my daughter, I still managed to rack up a mess o'miles.  For the month I rode 653 miles. 111 of it was from the Hoppy 100. Most of the rest was from 17 bike commutes. 

I rode The Mule 491.5 miles including 13 times to work. Little Nellie came in second with 100.5 miles and two commutes.  Big Nellie came out of the shed for another 61 miles and two commutes. 

My year to date totals are 4,582 miles and 98 commutes.  Soon I will buy a new seat for Big Nellie and she will start getting some serious use.

September is already in the hole because of a trip to Saratoga NY to drive my son back to college.  For all you folks looking for a place to go to escape the swampy DC weather, I highly recommend upstate New York.  I'm not talking about Westchester County which is upstate for people in New York City. What I mean is the Finger Lakes region, the Erie Canal, the Adirondacks, and a little further to the east the Champlain valley.  The weather is superb, the shoulders are wide and paved, and there's any kind of terrain you could ask for. 

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