Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Veni, Velo, Voto

Damn it was cold this morning. Time to break out the heavy artillery.  The holey sweater came out of mothballs for the first time since last winter. 

The holey sweater lives!!!
Dang! Frost!!
I donned four layers on my torso, a balaclava, some mountain bike shorts and wind pants, and wool socks. I headed down the street on Little Nellie to the voting place.  It was about 6:55 a.m. and the line to vote was quite long. It wasn't as long as 2008. In 2008, every African American who could get out of bed was in line before dawn. There were huge smiles and looks of incredulity on many of them as they stood in line to make history. It was moving.

I wish I brought something to read
Little Nellie waited patiently for me to vote
Unfortunately, the line this year wasn't.  It took 50 minutes to vote. Some moms with kids in tow realized that no amount of Pop Tarts could keep their little ones calm long enough to vote so they left. I really felt for some of the elderly folks who stood for so long. Why can't we do what Oregon does and vote by mail?  Just sayin'.

Look Ma. I got a sticker!
Even with the hassle, I'm glad I voted. It felt good to hit that big red VOTE button.

I hope you voted.

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  1. I always vote. STAND AND BE COUNTED.

    BTW, since the holey sweater is already ... compromised, why do you bother with the mothballs?