Monday, August 29, 2011

Bike Commute 93: Hurricane Irene Is No Match for My Sequoia

Irene thought she was tough. She thought she could keep me from riding to work. She was wrong, so wrong. This tree is no match for the powers of the Sequoia. Bwa Ha Ha!

Actually, in the interest of truthiness, the Sequoia and I squeezed under the tree on the right side of this picture. I am might glad this big boy didn't come down when I was riding the trail. It is the second tree to fall in this area of the trail (just north of the Slater's Lane apartment tower) in the last couple of years. The other tree was even bigger. (I had to climb over that one.)

To their credit the National Park Service was out with their clean up crews today. They had this bad boy chopped down to size and cleared away for the evening commute.

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  1. Wow - timing is everything....glad you didn't have any trouble with trees coming down around you! :) Was that the only big one across the trail?