Friday, April 22, 2011

Wet and Happy

Wet and Happy by Rootchopper
Wet and Happy, a photo by Rootchopper on Flickr.
One of the extras of riding on the Mount Vernon Trail is meeting up with long-distance bike tourists. The Mount Vernon Trail is part of the East Coast Greenway and the Adventure Cyclists Atlantic Coast Route. The latter goes from Key West to Bar Harbor and is on my bucket list.

Today on the way home I stopped to chat with Don and Mary Williams. Don and Mary are (as Leonard Cohen recently said) just two crazy kids with a dream. I didn't ask their ages but I think they are a few years older than me. They left Jacksonville Florida in mid March and here they are about 3 miles from their destination, Union Station in Washington DC.

We talked for about 20 minutes about bicycle touring gear, the best parts of the Atlantic Coast route (the outer banks of North Carolina), Amtrak, and other stuff while the rain fell and the jets landing at National Airport passed just a few feet over our heads.

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  1. I love meeting people on the path - - travelers and commuters. :) Good you stopped to talk with this couple and find out their story! :)